Our prices are based on property size and other construction dynamics (age, foundation type, etc). Special consulting services are available as well. For instance, if a client simply wants a roof or crawl space evaluated , we do that as a consultation, rather than a full inspection. Regardless, we can help.

We are not the cheapest inspection company you can find.  Being the cheapest is not our goal, rather being the best, and we believe we are. Frankly, the lower the price, the more careful you need to be in hiring an inspector. Being fully certified, licensed, and insured in GA and AL are not cheap. Be careful looking for the lowest price. We take pride in our over 24 years of service. We have performed well over 12,000 inspections and have decades of hands-on construction experience. Unlike most inspectors, we have actually built houses, custom buildings, and other structures. We have built from the ground up, and have demolished, rebuilt, renovated, remodeled and restored. We brought our construction background and experience into the inspection business. This much experience is valuable and cannot simply be taught in a sterile “inspection training seminar” or “online format” where most inspectors today get their training/experience.

Purchasing or selling a house, investment property, custom structure, such as a shop, perhaps an office building for your business, etc, will be the biggest and most costly investments or revenue streams for you and your family. For way less than 1% of the purchase price of a house, commercial building, or other property, you can receive the information that you need. Being informed and educated in what you're buying are priceless. Let us help you maximize your money.


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