Every business should have convictions or intangibles - what money cannot buy. Ours are simple:

1. Honor God - God gave us all we have, including our skills and services that we offer. We can fall short, like anyone, but our highest goal is to Honor God.

2. Serve People - Without people, we have no business. We are normal everyday people, and we want to treat others as we would want to be treated.  We strive  to give courtesy and kindness  to each and every person we encounter: clients, realtors, contractors, investors, homeowners, everyone. Yes, we are a business and must adhere to obligations and standards, but we serve people.

3. Make a Profit - If we do not make a profit, we can neither continue serving people nor improve and if we do not make a profit, we are out of business. We must continue to be credentialed, trained, and equipped with the best tools we can have. Profitability provides opportunities. We give to two charitable causes: NWGA Sexual Assault Center. Another is 3LM of Rome. Profits help us do this.

We love what we do and for whom we do it. We definitely try as hard as we can to Honor God, Serve People, and Make a Profit.


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